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Sonntag, 23. September 2007, 10:25

Biete Oluce Orbita 412

Hi fellow members!

We are the proud owners of 1 of these ceiling lamps bought in 1995. We want to sell our lamp through this message board since we have redecorated the dining room.

The lamp is in excellent condition and has just had its bulbs replaced. There is a build-in dimmer in the shaft and the lamp can be turned on or off by touching the bottom.

We live in Copenhagen, Denmark and we will sell the lamp for €300.00.

Please respond to this message on this message board or directly with board PM
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Freitag, 29. März 2019, 11:53

Frage: Ist die Lampe Oluce Orbita 412 verkauft ? Wenn die Lampe noch verfügbar ist, dann bitte ich um Rückinfo unter der e-mail <.


Alexander Herweg

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